Our Favorite  Bean

Organic. Family Farmed. Relationship Coffee

Upshot Roastery chooses to roast signature coffee beans grown by Costa Rican Farmers. Coffee is a large part of the identity and income for farming communities in Costa Rica. Farmers started growing coffee when the Costa Rican government offered free land in the 19th Century. This program created a booming industry that lead to the development of the region. Since farmland was extremely fertile,  farmers at the time knew that they had to produce at a rate and in a way that would allow for a sustainable future. They wanted the land to be available, and just as fertile for generations. By using practices like terracing to prevent erosion and mutualistic farming that created diverse ecosystems, Costa Rican farmers are trying to keep up and change with their changing environment. They use fair trade connections to help pay living wages for the workers that handpick each coffee bean. Each farm knows that handpicked creates a quality bean; therefore, they build a community of workers, a love for their land, and beautiful ground untouched from heavy machinery. 

Why buy Costa Rican Coffee beans? … Because Costa Rican farmers need our help. With a changing climate, a global decline in coffee prices, and an increase in competition, farmers are being pushed to change production on their farm and lose profit. This mixture of unfortunate events is causing farmers to use perfectly fertile land to grow more environmentally demanding products like citrus. We, as consumers, can pay the price and support traders that support farmers struggling to live off of the income from their coffee production. Our purchase allows them to continue what their farms have successfully done for generations and help them pay for the expensive transition to prevent climate-related deficits. 

Upshot Roastery first chose to support a Costa Rican farm in Central Costa Rica. Las Lajas is a farm that transitioned to organic farming after the loss of their father to a pesticide-caused illness. Switching to organic is hard when there is no financial assistance to help with the switch. However, the farm caretakers saw this as a necessary switch. Las Lajas is a farming model for surrounding coffee farms since they were one of the first in Costa Rica to be certified as organic. Their farm is a perfect representation for farmers to mimic. Las Lajas designs their farmland to be surrounded by shaded trees to produce different micro-climates. 
Why are Micro-climates important?... They give you a variety of bold flavors! The slight acidity found in the soil and the elevation of the farm gives you a citrus taste when you first sip and a slight chocolate note when you finish drinking your cup. 
Purchase our patiently roasted Costa Rican Specialty coffee from Las Lajas farm to search for the flavors that they produce!