12 oz fully biodegradable bag filled with sustainable fair trade coffee beans. Each batch is patiently roasted to give you the bold flavors you look for in a cup of coffee.


Our Specialty bean was chosen because of the flavor profile and meaning behind the Rwanda harvest. In each brew, find the sweet structured honey/molasses flavor. This taste is complemented with a slight floral flavor and tart chocolate boost. 


Upshot Roastery wants to encourage women empowerment. The Rwanda coffee is labeled as womens coffee. These beans are provided by a cooperative of 85 women coffee farmers. The investment in the Gashonga, Rwanda cooperative goes toward the agronomical education to improve the future of their coffee plants. Our purchase is providing better living situations to farmers in Rwanda. Since the co-op is fair trade certified, we know that their income helps them buy health insurance and farming assests. 


Purchase this bag to give back to the families that work to give you quality tasting coffee! 

Rwanda Women's Coffee

  • Whole beans have a longer shelf.

  • To keep with a sustainable mission, we add a rice pillow in each bag to help control moisture and ensure freshness. The pillow is a biodegradable and reusable alternative to plastic bags with a plastic valve. 

    Contact Upshot for more information on our unique approach.