12 oz. biodegradable bag filled with sustainable fair trade coffee beans. Each batch is patiently roasted to give you the bold flavors you look for in a cup of coffee.


The Las Lajas Costa Rican bean is complex and filled with deep fruity flavors and balanced out with a full, crisp chocolate coating. Some may even find the quick clean taste of dried fruit. 

Search for the fruity flavors in your brew!


Upshot Roastery first chose to support a Costa Rican farm in Central Costa Rica.


Las Lajas is a farm that transitioned to fully organic after the owners lost their father due to a pesticide-caused illness. Switching to organic farming is hard when there is no financial assistance to help with the switch. However, the farm caretakers saw this switch necessary. Las Lajas is a farming model for surrounding coffee farms since they were one of the first in Costa Rica to be certified as organic. Las Lajas designs their farmland to be surrounded by shaded trees to produce different micro-climates.

Micro-climates help give you a variety of bold flavors! The slight acidity found in the soil and the elevation of the farm gives you a citrus taste when you first sip and a slight chocolate note when you finish drinking your cup. Purchase this bag to experience the quality in Costa Rican coffee!

Costa Rica - Las Lajas

  • Whole beans have a longer shelf life than ground beans. Whole beans will hold their freshness for longer.

  • To keep with a sustainable mission, we add a rice pillow in each bag to help control moisture and ensure freshness. The pillow is a biodegradable and reusable alternative to plastic bags with a plastic valve. 

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