Welcome to Upshot Roastery!

cultivating active empathy

& compassion for others

ensures a happier life - for all of us.


happy coffee beans make

happier communities.


sustainability enables

us to brew good.


our beans empower

you to do good.


about upshot

the mission of Upshot Roastery is to give coffee drinkers a connection to community:

the community of farm life, of rural Ohio,

of your kitchen. 

Upshot Roastery is a microroastery focused on the local initiative of Logan, Ohio. your purchase invests in economic growth for the Hocking County community. you can personally watch your investment in sustainable coffee initiatives flourish through the simple act of drinking it.


to ensure positive growth, we want to do what is best for our agricultural market and environment. we bring a global market to your fingertips and keep you updated on the impacts of your purchase.

the coffee beans we roast are purposeful. Upshot thinks seasonally and wants you to have the freshest coffee possible.

the coffee beans are harvested at the farm,

shipped to a trader we trust,

roasted by us, then served to you.

we want to encourage you to expand

your flavor palette by exploring 

different coffee beans with us! 

in 2020, one of Upshot's goals is

to produce zero waste in our day-to-day operations.

all bags are now biodegradable!


Hannah L. Schrader

owner of Upshot Roastery

"take a deep breath, count to five, let go"